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Important message for Chrome users
Posted by: horror0, 05-05-2015, 08:54 - 0 comments

The latest version of Chrome browser doesn't support Unity3D, so if you want to play 3D horror games on this website, you must use Firefox browser.

Internet Explorer And Unity Bug !!!
Posted by: horror0, 22-08-2014, 13:33 - 0 comments

Recently a known issue with Internet Explorer and Unity Web Player is noticed. If you have Windows 8 and use Internet Explorer, you won't be able to play any Unity online game. Solution for this is to change your browser. I would recommend Mozilla Firefox, since on Google Chrome Unity3D is unsupported. Google Chrome is completely disabled Unity3D support.

Not Working Message
Posted by: horror0, 04-06-2014, 17:51 - 0 comments

I receive a lot of "game not working" messages. Read unity games requirements, and if this is fulfilled, all you need is to wait, since the games are big (50+ MB) and it takes time for a game to load and start !

If a game does not want to load, you must first install Unity web player. To do it, go here: Unity Web Player download
If Java warning pops up, click Allow and remember, and then click Done.
If you see a message "This plugin is vulnerable and should be upgraded" click on "Activate Unity Web Player" and after that you will get an option in upper left corner. Select "Allow and remember" and click "Ok" and all unity games working again :) .

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