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Important message for Chrome users
Posted by: horror0, 05-05-2015, 08:54 - 0 comments

The latest version of Chrome browser doesn't support Unity3D, so if you want to play 3D horror games on this website, you must use Firefox browser.

Internet Explorer And Unity Bug !!!
Posted by: horror0, 22-08-2014, 13:33 - 0 comments

Recently a known issue with Internet Explorer and Unity Web Player is noticed. If you have Windows 8 and use Internet Explorer, you won't be able to play any Unity online game. Solution for this is to change your browser. I would recommend Mozilla Firefox, since on Google Chrome Unity3D is unsupported. Google Chrome is completely disabled Unity3D support.

Not Working Message
Posted by: horror0, 04-06-2014, 17:51 - 0 comments

I receive a lot of "game not working" messages. Read unity games requirements, and if this is fulfilled, all you need is to wait, since the games are big (50+ MB) and it takes time for a game to load and start !

If a game does not want to load, you must first install Unity web player. To do it, go here: Unity Web Player download
If Java warning pops up, click Allow and remember, and then click Done.
If you see a message "This plugin is vulnerable and should be upgraded" click on "Activate Unity Web Player" and after that you will get an option in upper left corner. Select "Allow and remember" and click "Ok" and all unity games working again :) .

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Horror Games: The Fear of Fun and Safe Danger

One of the best experiences that one can acquire to the digital world today is to play games in the internet. There are a lot wonderful and challenging games you can see today. However, to make your gaming adventure and experience escalate to the next level, horror games are made. For those who are looking for one-of-a-kind gaming world, kindly checkout Free Horror Games today. There are wide arrays of available horror games presented not just to help you conquer your fear, but to make you have a better tactic while the game is going on.

What are the Features of These Games?

Some of these games came from prominent stories and titles from movies, magazines and other sources. So, instead of just amplifying your senses by reading or streaming them in a book or in a TV, why not make a little conquering adventure by playing them yourself. With your desktop, tablet, smartphone or any android device, you are guaranteed with sophisticated yet with better adventure. In addition, these scary games will ignite the same or higher amount of flame when you opt to play it. These games are scary, which are resolved around a scary theme, scary feature, scary backdrop and scary sound effects, so it is advised that people who have low resistant when it comes to these game genre is not allowed to play. Due to its 3D effect and clear sound effect, you can feel like you are at the actual scenario, so you have no excuse to exclude your emotion at the exact situation. Check out the site to see different scary games, including The House 2, Haunted House Massacre, Alice is Dead, Resident Evil 3D Online, Desolation 2, Vampire Slayer, Bat in Nightmare, and many more. Get these games and see how it works in you.

Why Play Horror Games?

Generally, people have their own very reason why they play free horror games, and pissing their own pants on exploring on horrifying themes and scenes in the internet. In some other time, others of them are enjoying the experience of walking through the never-ending hallway with most unsettling sound and spooky ghosts looking and stalking on them. Horror games had become popular among the people due because if a lot of reasons. Scary games will allow the player play without sacrificing themselves in the actual danger that is why the fear that they feel in the game is a fear of fun and the danger is a safe danger. It is the same fear that a player can find in riding a roller coaster. There is no possible danger, but only an illusion of it. A good scare can leave you exhilarated, breathless and with adrenaline rush, which will make you feel good in an odd way once you happen to pass its challenge, making you ask for something more. Do you want to experience the fear of fun and safe danger toady? Then check out and select free horror games that are best for you.
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