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Silent Hill Room 304
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Silent Hill Room 304
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Date added: 30-04-2014
You are lost in a forest, but after a while, you are able to remember: You were here before. After a short walk through the woods, you get to the Silent Hill city. Would you be able to get out alive ?

Silent Hill is one of the better horror in the world of computer games. Since the spring of 2006 it became a movie. The series has seven games - Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room, Silent Hill Origins, Silent Hill Homecoming, Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

The film tells about a mother (Rose) whose adopted daughter Sharon is undergoing constant nightmares and sleepwalking while at the same time, in a dream, telling the name of the town of Silent Hill. So she goes with her in Silent Hill in West Virginia, to see why it is happening. But on the night of arrival on the road notice Alessa's ghost, however, thinking it was a real person, mother braked, but the road is slippery and it twists and hits the wall.

In the morning, when the mother wakes up, realizes that Sharon is gone, and the town shrouded in dense fog and ashes falling from the sky. Continuing further along the road it enters the isolated mysterious castle. There is no living person in the castle, and the city is cut off, deserted and covered with ashes. She finds evil Alessa which leads mother in the alley where a siren from a city church is heard, and that means that the world is changing.

Passing through hell in the streets of the amended Silent Hill that looks like an ancient and abandoned industrial plant, learned that the city has monsters that are actually a metaphor for the condition of the poor Alesse.

In return encounters a mentally broken Alessa's mother Dahlia Gillespie that she speaks in riddles what happened. Seeing that their daughters are unusual resemble Dahlia attack Rose to take her picture of Sharon.

In order to escape, he returned to his car where he meets policewoman Cybil Bennet from neighboring Brahams City and policewoman decides to arrest her on suspicion of murder. Realizing that they can not go back because the world is torn with huge chasm, they decide to go back. Then faced monster without an arm and throws acid which gives Rose (mother) a chance to escape policewoman. She succeed to escape and go to school (Midwich) look for her daughter.

At school there is a new modification of the world. In this modification, Cybil and Rose meets again. Cybil took off the handcuffs on Rose and believe her not guilty when faced with Pyramid Head, a Alessa's "patron". Then go to the hotel (Grand Hotel), where they found a member of the fraternity (The brethren - church cult Silent Hill that resembles Christianity but actually has nothing to do with Christianity) Anna as throwing stones on Dahlia. Exploring the hotel, they realize that in room 111 which was covered by a portrait of Jennifer Carroll burning at the stake, burned by the fraternity works condemnation of witchcraft. Brotherhood (The brethren) is burning witches to prevent "apocalypse" in the fight against the "demons".

While researching hotel they realize that soon comes a new transformation, but Cybil, Rose and Anna fled to the church in which the transformation only happens. After that,all of them enter the church but Anna remains, however, Pyramid Head catches her and in one go skin her to the bones and kills her. In the church they finds out that this brotherhood is headed by a woman named Christabella that is people "spiritual leader". She tells them about faith and that if you want to see your child that he must face the demons that lie in the deepest part of the hospital (Alchemilla). Even at church, Rose turns her adopted daughter's photo and Christabella taken, in order to deliver her later. When they should go Christabella reputation photograph and shows companions that are witches and they were burned at the stake. Cybil Rose ensure enough time to escape, but her very first beaten and then burned at the stake for aiding demon.

During this time the brotherhood seeks and eventually finds that Sharon is hiding Dahlia in her apartment. Rose traveled corridors and barely stay alive next to the cult of nurses (who are trademark of a Silent Hill). In the farthest room finds a hospital bed where lies Alessa, of which takes care of a nurse, a evil Alessa which is actually part of the duplicate soul Alesse lying in bed (which is the fault of the accident and led Rose throughout the film) is telling the truth Rose. Alessa was 30 years ago, the ten year old girl that everyone except her mother despised her because they did not know his father. They accused it of witchcraft, and on one occasion, escaping from her peers, she fled to the bathroom where he raped cleaner Colin. Christabella to use it as an excuse to take it and "cleanse" and fraudulently take Alessa from Dahlie and mercury is burned. Dahlia went for help, but too late. However Alessa survive impossible to fourth degree burns, a police officer Thomas Gucci them off the "grill" and brought to the hospital. At the hospital, her fears and her pain grow in hatred, and of all the hatred she doubles soul in evil Alessa, a little bit later in Sharon (who is goodness remained in Alessi) and adopt them young couple Rose and Chris.

Evil Alessa tells Rose that the fraternity want to burn Sharon and that should help her in revenge. At Rose went evil Alessa and she went to church and with conviction fraternity tells them the truth. At one point Christabella pierced Rose dagger and frees wrong Alessa through blood Rose. Underworld rise Alessa and out of bed slaughtered entire fraternity barbed wire which itself operates. Spares only Rose, Sharon and Dahlia. In the end, we see Rose and Sharon returns home. But they do not see Chris as they are trapped in the world of Silent Hill where only Sharon and Rose, mother and daughter.

"Only the dark one opens and closes the door to Silent Hill" - Dahlia to Rose.

Here is a walkthrough video:

Instructions: Use mouse to play.
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